About me

I'm a tech geek that enjoys challenging problems, mentoring others, and learning new technologies. I bring a K.I.S.S. approach to everything I do.

My job is to bridge technological grand canyons. I can do this because I have a foundation of over 20 years of experience in IT, more than 15 years of experience in security, and over a decade of experience in cloud computing. I've worked with startups, small businesses, and large enterprises. I build top-performing teams, I manage budgets, I'm adept at communicating complex topics to all levels of an organization, and I do it all while rolling up my sleeves and remaining a doer. I love what I do and my enthusiasm is often found to be contagious across the organization.

The principles that drive me:

Humbleness -I don't know everything, but I'm willing to learn and I'm not afraid to ask for help.
Empower -I believe that everyone has something to contribute and that everyone should be given the opportunity to do so.
K.I.S.S. -Keep It Simple Stupid. I believe that the best solutions are the simplest ones and simplicity breeds reliability and rapid MTTR when things do go wrong.

What I'm Doing

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    AWS is my specialty, but I can help you with Azure and GCP, or even 2nd tier clouds like Cloudflare Workers, Vultr, or Fly.io.

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    Corporate Information Security Awareness, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Management? I've got you covered.

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    DevOps & DevSecOps

    Terraform, Puppet, AWS CDK, Github Actions, Python, Bash, and more. I can help you automate your infrastructure and security.

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    Humbleness, universal empowerment, and emotional intelligence are the keys to being a good mentor. I can level your team up.


  • Dave Huffman, CTO

    Dave Huffman
    Founder & CTO

    Matt's ability to balance the emerging technology needs of a small, aspirational team against the long-term demands of growth, support, security, and maintenance allowed us to survive the roller-coaster of launching and maintaining a SAAS product. His willingness to find creative solutions and embrace new technologies were key in helping us pivot from the technical landscape of 2006 to facing the complexities of the current day. Most importantly, he has the rare ability to communicate with C-level decision-makers and Jr. members of the team to foster progress and understanding.

  • Michael Wang, Hedge Fund Manager and Tech Entrepreneur

    Michael Wang
    Hedge Fund Manager

    Matt exhibited a deep understanding of the organization's technological needs and security requirements, making sure that the tools we needed to purchase are "just right" for each stage of our product roadmap. He was instrumental in developing and implementing an effective IT and security strategy, which resulted in me as the CEO not having to worry an iota that our systems were working properly and our data was protected. His excellent analytical and problem-solving skills allowed us to quickly identify areas that required improvement and devise appropriate solutions to mitigate potential risks.

  • Matthew Bonig, AWS DevTools Hero, co-author of The CDK Book

    Matthew Bonig
    AWS DevTools Hero & co-author of The CDK Book

    Together we built a platform that was highly available, redundant, was optimized for global performance, and one that kept costs minimal - but that easily auto-scaled up to meet demand if needed. When managing our time as a vendor and partner, Matt was considerate of work/life balance and always made sure to let us know when something was not a priority so we didn't have engineers working after-hours or on weekends unnecessarily. I highly recommend Matt as he's professional, skilled, and a pleasure to work with.

  • Jeff Brines, VP, Product Management

    Jeff Brines
    VP & Product Management

    Matt continues to impress with his technical expertise, agility, work ethic & ability to wear any hat required on the infra/IT side of the ball. The infrastructure solutions Matt brought to the team continue to be seamless, invisible (we never think about them) and scalable which is reflected in the near perfect uptime/app stability we've accomplished at the company. To add, he's very cost conscious with all solutions he brings forth, something that often gets overlooked in the space but is all too important in the current environment.

  • Jason Dinges, Lifelong Friend

    Jason Dinges
    Lifelong Friend

    Matthew Evans has been both friend and IT mentor to me for over 29 years. In fact, he is the very reason I now work in IT. Matt is the one who introduced me to computers by assisting me with my first custom PC build in 1998. A Pentium II 350 MHz build, if I remember correctly. I was instantly hooked. What's most relevant here is the way he helped me learn, guiding me with direction, encouraging me to do the building, and patiently explaining how everything worked along the way. It was an ideal first contact and learning experience that was the catalyst for a lifelong hobby and eventual professional career.



  1. CISSP, ISC2

    2017 — 2026

    The CISSP designation is a globally recognized, vendor-neutral standard attesting to an IT security professional's technical skills and hands-on experience implementing and managing a security program.

  2. Solutions Architect Associate, AWS

    2023 — 2026

    AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate showcases knowledge and skills in AWS technology, across a wide range of AWS services. The focus of this certification is on the design of cost and performance optimized solutions, demonstrating a strong understanding of the AWS Well-Architected Framework.

  3. Security Specialty, AWS (in-progress)

    exam: September 2023

    AWS Certified Security - Specialty validates your expertise in creating and implementing security solutions in the AWS Cloud. This certification also validates your understanding of specialized data classifications and AWS data protection mechanisms; data-encryption methods and AWS mechanisms to implement them; and secure internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to implement them.


  1. Wells Fargo - Senior SRE Lead

    2023 — Present

    As the 4th largest bank in the US, Wells Fargo needs no introduction. I joined the Consumer Lending Technology group in 2023 to help lead the modernization efforts to the 'SRE-way' of platform engineering. As part of this process I engaged with application developers, our cloud and infrastructure management, as well as our information security groups to transition away from a siloed-responsibility style of management to the more collaborative Site Reliability Engineering method. As part of this process, I gathered requirements, assisted developers in determining the appropriate metrics to expose for monitoring and alerting, and participated in various "run-the-bank," duties such as incident management on-call.

  2. Prometheus Alternative Investments - Director of Cloud and Security

    2021 — 2023

    Prometheus is a 'social marketplace' startup, founded by former Hedge Fund Veteran Michael Wang (SAC Capital, Tourbillion, Cypress). Michael brought me on to lead the technology group and design a performant and reliable but cost-effective cloud platform for the iOS and browser application, manage our security posture to ensure our broker/dealer remained in FINRA and SEC compliance, develop a comprehensive security awareness program that educated our employees on the risks and importance of information security, and managed the internal IT needs in a non-traditional, modern way that incorporated advanced concepts such as zero-trust.

  3. Alpha Theory - CISO & Managing Director of IT

    2011 — 2021

    Alpha Theory is a software-as-a-service portfolio management and decision process platform that serves the hedge fund and other financial sectors. The platform has $100 billion in assets managed, has served over 300 clients which comprise a who's who in the hedge fund and financial world, and in 2020 launched the Centerbook Partners Hedge Fund. As CISO and Director of IT, I managed all aspects of our information security posture, our internal IT needs, and external interactions with clients during pre-sales engagements and due-diligence audits.

  4. Honda Aircraft Company - Senior Engineer, Infrastructure & Security

    2009 — 2011

  5. Alpha Theory - Director of IT

    2006 — 2009

  6. IBM - Senior System X Engineer

    2005 — 2006

  7. AIG - Senior Desktop Security Engineer

    2004 — 20

  8. ITTS - Staff Trainer & Senior Engineer

    2001 — 2004

My skills

  • Cloud Technologies
  • DevOps and DevSecOps
  • Infrastructure & Hybrid Solutions
  • Linux (RedHat, Debian/Ubuntu)
  • Information Security


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